Friends of WHUS, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded in July 2010 by three former Operations Managers of WHUS Radio.

Friends of WHUS is a place for alumni, fans and supporters of WHUS to gather, reminisce and reconnect and network with each other.

Friends of WHUS also exists to provide support for WHUS: financial, institutional and otherwise.

We are a small organization but we are growing fast.  Come be a part of the fun!

Want to become a member? Click here!

Board of Directors:

Benjamin Shaiken (’10) – President, ben@friendsofwhus.org
DeWilton D. “Ted” Timberman (’06) – Treasurer, ted@friendsofwhus.org
Daniel Warren (’07) - dan@friendsofwhus.org
Steve Wolfberg (’81) – steve@friendsofwhus.org

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