For Your Information: Changes at WHUS

In an email to the staff and at a meeting September 12, long-time WHUS General Manager John Murphy announced his departure from that position, effective August 25. Due to structural changes regarding the relationship between WHUS and the University of Connecticut that have been in the works for the last 14 months, the “General Manager” position has been eliminated and replaced by the “Program Coordinator” position. The new “Program Coordinator,” Valerie Turco, starts at WHUS on September 23.

In John’s 33 years of service as WHUS’s General Manager, he has no doubt touched many of your lives as he has touched mine. I think it’s only fair to John to say here that this change was not in accordance with his wishes. He was hoping to finish his career at WHUS as the Program Coordinator, and though it saddens me, that’s not what transpired through the UConn/WHUS Search Committee process.

John Murphy

John Murphy in 2009

As I wrote last week in an email to the WHUS staff, in my view, John’s most important legacy is a radio station whose essence is so ingrained in all its parts that it may not need a charismatic leader such as himself to continue to thrive. And it should also be said that John is not “gone” from WHUS. He plans to stay on and continue to broadcast and volunteer on the staff.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with all of you to help Friends of WHUS become a better organization and continue to position ourselves to be able to more closely work with and help WHUS Radio and the students and community members who broadcast there. I’m also looking forward to meeting Valerie and forming a meaningful and lasting relationship with her.

I’m attaching the statement Murph read to the staff on Monday night, and you can read his point of view on the situation by clicking here.  If you’re interested in learning more about the changes at WHUS, please send me an email and I will do my best to fill you in.

As John always says at the end of conversations,

Keep the Faith.

Ben Shaiken
President, Friends of WHUS

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